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April is the new May

You may wonder why I’m blogging on a beautiful sunny afternoon?    Well, I’ve finished shifting and spreading two tons of mulch which is quite good news except now I need a third bag and it’s an hour and a half to G & T time!  

What a fab three days it’s been.   I almost feel as though I’m getting on top of the job.   The veg beds are looking neat and tidy and prepped for planting.   

Under cover, there is less good news.   A giant snail took out several of my newly pricked out seedlings a couple of nights ago and the three green Rudbeckia I bought at Highclere last Monday have been totally demolished.

Such is the mildness of this spring, April is definitely the new May – my roses are at bud stage which I normally notice just before Chelsea and yesterday I had to sell my prize peony division in advance of Open Gardens to enable the buyer to have the benefit of the flowers.   Never mind, it’s gone to a   good home and is looking very happy in its new bed.  

Words were exchanged in the playground yesterday – there was a conflict between she who grows and he who mows.    The consultant arboriculturist who recently inspected our trees for H & S required the grass heap to be moved away from the large Sycamore trunk so Mr Mower decided to create a desire line through my beautiful hellebore bed to gain access to his new heap.   Now the mower won’t start – why am I not heartbroken?

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