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An expensive week

Updated: Mar 3

Garden date 3 Feb 2024

It’s been an expensive week.    Replaced fifteen terracotta pots due to frost damage over the last two winters.  Quite an outlay even though they were half price with free delivery.     Then I indulged in some more nivalis snowdrops for the grass and ordered some plug plants for delivery in April.  

Three – very tiny – Blewbury Tart arrived by post on Wednesday from Broadleigh Nursery.  They had been neatly wrapped in moist newspaper and hadn’t dried out in transit.  I duly planted them in a space in the grass where I hope I will be able to identify them.    Usually, I cover new bulb plantings with an upturned metal hanging basket or chicken wire, but I didn’t this time as I’d used all the baskets on my tulip pots and the squirrels hadn’t seemed to worry the snowdrops this year.     Carelessness on my part -  one BT had been dug out by Thursday morning. Thankfully I found it intact a few centimetres  away.   Chicken wire now pinned in place.     

I’ve made a start on border clearing – this has required the golfer/occasional under gardener to take 5 pop up bags to the tip 3 times this week.     Therefore, I suspect (a)  that a pint or two will be called for and (b) the Council may think we’re trade.    The under gardener reported a 40 car queue.  Although one must book a slot at the recycling centre, John was informed the system does not limit the number of bookings per slot – so what is it for?       I know you’re thinking why doesn’t she compost the waste?   Haven’t got room for all of it!

As usual in February, I’ve divided and repotted the Sarracenia into fresh carnivorous plant soil.  They’ve been outside since October and are now  back in the greenhouse in their trays of rainwater.        See photos


I think there might be good news on the pelargonium front.   Moles’ seeds appear to be performing.    I’m putting the previous failure down to the seed – it had been reduced from £3.99 per packet to 89p!

I mentioned in the last Newsletter intending to grow more veg this year.     I have broad bean seed “De Monica” which says sow Feb individually in pots in the greenhouse.  “Probably the earliest variety to produce a crop from a spring sowing”.     The coming week is due to be mild.    Veg growers amongst you – is it too early?

Now for some pot washing, an activity which put me squarely in the dog house last year.   Dyno-rod reported on call out that our sink drain was blocked   …………   with soil!!   


Until next time …………………

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