The Club offers Day Visits and Residential Tours. 


There are usually two full day visits and one half day visit during June and July.  Details are announced when the Club's Programme is published in September.  The March pre-meeting e-mail 'Garden Club News' will contain an application form inviting Members to choose their preferred Visit(s) and tickets are sold at the April and May meetings. Tickets are only available to Members unless any remain unsold.     Day Visits are organised by Brian Dury.

Bespoke residential tours for three or four nights are offered through Brightwater Holidays and are led by one of their expert tour guides.   Details are announced in the annual programme.  Past tours have included the Gardens of Kent and East Sussex, North Wales, Giverny and the Gardens of Normandy.     Please note that bookings are made directly with Brightwater Holidays.  When appropriate brochures are available from Sophie Bindloss. For further information please contact